WiFi PRO Module

WiFi PRO Communication Module


The WiFi PRO module offers and supports large variety of features, for example:
  • Ten simultaneous TCP/UDP sockets
  • DHCP client/server
  • DNS client
  • HTTP client
  • HTTPS client
  • FTP client
  • NTP client
  • Multiple SSIDs
  • Roaming mode
  • OTA feature. Refer to the Over the Air Programming Guide for more information.


The WiFi PRO module supports the SSL3/TLS1 protocol for secure sockets. On the WLAN interface it supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 WiFi encryption.

The WiFi PRO module may connect to any standard router which is configured as Access Point (AP) and then send data to other devices in the same network such as laptops and smart phones. Besides, they can send data directly to a web server located on the Internet.

Instead of using a standard WiFi router as AP, the connection may be performed using a Meshlium device as AP. Meshlium is the multiprotocol router designed by Libelium which is specially recommended for outdoor applications as it is designed to resist the hardest conditions in real field deployments.