Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery On Demand


The use of satellite imagery is becoming increasingly important in modern day living.
These types of images are especially important in precision farming. Utilizing space can help life on earth
to make global change visible, accessible and actionable. The proliferation of sensor data such as earth
observation satellite represents an incredible opportunity to understand our world and take new actions based on
this data.There is a large number of satellite imagery options to choose from which differs in pricing and abilities.
These images can be requested on demand from GeoFarmSA which is an authorised reseller by affiliation of
Airbus Defence.We also work closely with other companies to make sure we keep the prices as low as possible.
Different imagery would be used depending on the need of the customer.




Re-visit Frequency

Product 1

(Min: 25km2 @ R240* p/km2)


8 bands

1 day

Product 2

(Min: 30km2 @ R335* p/km2)


4 bands

1 day

Product 3

(Min: 25km2 @ R420* p/km2)


4 bands

1 day

*Price Indication. This will vary according to customer need. Please request a quote for accurate pricing.

It must be mentioned that images can be influenced by cloud cover.

Why would farmers want to use imagery on demand?
  • Fertilizer performance
  • Pest infestation
  • Weather damage
  • Maximum accuracy crop yield
  • Maximum accuracy crop identification
  • Daily crop monitoring