Methane (CH4)

Sensor Specifications (TGS2611)


Gases: CH4,

Measurement range: 500 ~ 10000 ppm
Resistance at 5000ppm: 0.68 ~ 6.8 kΩ
Sensitivity: 0.6 ± 0.06 (ratio between the resistance at 9000 and at 3000 ppm)
Supply voltage: 5 V ±0.2 V DC
Operating temperature: -10 ~ +40 ºC
Response time: 30 seconds
Minimum load resistance: 0.45 kΩ
Average consumption: 61 mA


The TGS2611 sensor shows a variable resistance with the concentration of CH4 and to a lesser extent with the concentration of H2. The sensor’s initial resistance (for 5000 ppm) and its sensitivity may show large variations between different sensors of the same model, so it is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s documentation and calibrate it before finally inserting it in the application.