Essentials Portal

Essentials Specifications


This is our most basic package and contains all of our base data and basic functionality.
Even though this is the smallest package available it is packed with features.
What is included in this package:

All Base Data

    This is the content data supplied by GeoFarm.
    This data is not editable and is updated by us.
    Click here to read more about the content of the base data.

Features And Tools
  • Redlining (Drawing Lines,Areas And Text On Map)
    Replaced by PSD in Advantage and Professional Portals. On the Essentials package you will not be able to store this in the database.The redlining will only be available for the current session.
    But fear not,you will be able to export it as a shape or kml file to store for later use in portal or any other GIS package.
  • Local print (basic printing service)
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Apollo Image Catalog
  • Clip, zip and ship
  • Get Coordinates
  • Goto Coordinates
  • Goto Farm
  • Weather Tools
  • Swipe Tools
  • Shutter Tools
  • Street view
  • Guide me
  • Import shape,kml and kmz files

And many more.

Please refer to the manual for more information.

Price Structure

No# Farms

No# Subscriptions

Yearly Price

Monthly Price

1 Subscription
R8 000.00 per sub
R766.66 per sub
2 Subscriptions
R7 600.00 per sub
R728.33 per sub
3 Subscriptions
R7 200.00 per sub
R690.00 per sub
4 Subscriptions
R6 800.00 per sub
R651.66 per sub
5 Subscriptions
R6 400.00 per sub
R613.33 per sub
6 Subscriptions
R6 000.00 per sub
R575.00 per sub
7 Subscriptions
R5 600.00 per sub
536.66 per sub
Note:GeoFarm will consider farmland within a 10km radius from each other as one(1) farmland.
Farmland with nearest borders further than 10km apart will be considered seperate farms.