Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Sensor Specifications (TGS2442)


Gases: CO

Measurement range: 30 ~ 1000 ppm
Resistance at 100ppm: 13.3 ~ 133 kΩ
Sensibility: 0.13 ~ 0.31 ratio between the resistance @ 300ppm and @ 100 ppm)
Supply voltage: 5V ±0.2 V DC
Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50 ºC
Response time: 1 second
Minimum load resistance: 10 kΩ
Average consumption: 3 mA
(throughout the complete power supply cycle in 1s)


The TGS2442 is a resistive sensor sensitive to the changes in concentration of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and, very slightly, Hydrogen (H2). The sensors’ resistance varies according to the graph in the figure above which may present significant variations between two different sensors. It is therefore recommended to consult the sensors documentation to choose the load resistance and amplification gain and calibrate it before finally inserting it into the application.