Air Pollutants 2 Sensor Probe

Sensor Specifications (TGS2600)


Gases: C4H10, CH3CH2OH, H2, CO, CH4

Measurement range: 1 ~ 100 ppm

Air resistance: 10 ~ 90 kΩ

Sensitivity: 0.3 ~ 0.6 (ratio between the resistance in 10 ppm of H2 and in air)

Supply voltage: 5 V ±0.2 V DC Operating temperature: -10 ~ +40 ºC Response time: 30 seconds

Minimum load resistance: 0.45 kΩ

Average consumption: 46 mA


The TGS2600 sensor shows sensitivity to the variation of the concentration of numerous gases that are not usually found in the composition of the atmosphere and which are considered contaminants. Amongst these would be mainly, Ethanol (CH2CH3OH) and Isobutane (C10H4) and, with less response, Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Methane (CH2). This sensor is also sensitive to variations in the concentration of Hydrogen (H4). The sensor’s resistance in air would vary between 10 and 90 kΩ, with a ratio of sensitivity between 0.3 and 0.6 for an H2 concentration of 10 ppm. Because of this variability it is recommended to calibrate each one of the sensors prior to their use in a final application