About Us

Welcome to GeoFarm GeoFarm - a division of Geospace, is focused on providing farmers with a user-friendly platform to collect, analyze and interpret data in the most cost-effective way possible. We believe that this is a crucial component in transforming your farming practice into a well-oiled production machine. We have developed a range of technologies to assist farmers in being more pro-active ensuring that their crop yield is maximized and that production is at its optimum potential. These technologies provide farmers with ground sensor technology to collect a host of different agricultural data, accurate weather data, hi tech satellite imagery and custom developed algorithms to monitor crop conditions and crop yield estimation throughout the growth of their crops. South Africa is a country with enormous potential in the agricultural sector. However, without using satellite imagery and other remote sensing technologies production and yield on farms will never be at its optimum potential. Apart from its focus on farmers, we believe that these technologies can be applied to large agricultural corporations as well as to the insurance sector.